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Tag: Dollification

Doll Room

Hello Dollie Dolls,

The other day I was looking around on the internet for some wonderful dolly inspirations to share with all of you. i came across these dreamy dolly rooms, a perfect place to transform yourself, dress up or fantasize about your perfect dolly self.  Here is a very special assignment just for you: In your doll diary, find some photos of your ideal dolly room like I did and tell me what kind of dolly fun you could find yourself doing in such a room. What would you do in your fantasy dolly room? How would it make you feel? Would you have a dungeon room or a frilly lacy room like i just dreamed of.

In my dolly room I would be dressed up in all frill's and lacys dresses and pettycoats. The fragrant smell of lilacs from the garden breeze would be blowing in from my window and of course i would be transforming my self into the perfect doll waiting to play.:::Twirling:::staring:::blinking:::::

So, In your diary please explain your dreammy place to dress up, dream and play. Please be explicit, elicit and specific.

Keep checking back for the next Update. :::Soon:::

p.s. I found some very pretty sparkly eye shadows, tons of new MAC Makeup, pretty makeup cases to store my lovely accessories in and a whole bunch of girly ribbons and bows and other special dolly fun and of course LATEX that I want to share with you. I will post some photos here later this week and maybe even a little tiny dolly video just for us Dolls to enjoy.

Kisses and hugs



Circle Lens


Hi Dolls, thanks for joining me today.

I am so excited for this update!! The other day I got my very first pairs of Circle lens in the mail. I couldn't wait to try them on for you in my Rubber doll Dressing Room. I got several different colors of Barbie Lens and The popular Geo Lens. I also received a very nice thank you note. I am practicing every day to be more dolllike and my Transformation is something very beautiful.

Links for Lenses are available upon request.

See You inside for Our next Doll Lesson.!!





In The photo below you will see my most recent collection of dolly lenses such as my pretty blue Barbie eyes and the my Geo lenses that are very popular. I really love how they make my eyes look so special. More colors are on the way!

YaY! Welcome To DollTalk!

Hello Dolls, YaY!!!! It's me aRubberdollParis your loving mentor and Teacher. Finally! I am so happy you have enrolled at We are going to have so much dolly fun together becoming the best dolls we can possibly be @ This is the place where I will share my doll life with you and we can talk about anything and everything DOLLS! I love DOLLs. Now, For The very first lesson we learn about gags. If you like to play BDSM and Fetish games like me, or perhaps you have never used a gag before and are curious and want to learn more,  then tune in to this update and watch and learn. This is just the beginning of all the fun Fetish and Dolly updates I have planned for our playtime. Come inside for your next Doll Assignment at I hope you will follow my DollTalk and keep uptodate with the latest fun Doll adventures. ShinyRubberdolllove aRubberdoll♥